Small and large dogs Thickened stainless steel dog Grooming Bathtubs

Pet Bathtub with stainless steel plate, NC machining, advanced technology, Can adapt to all kinds of pet beauty requirements.





Numbering : CH-903
Name : Stainless Steel Bathtub
Product specific cation : L128*W68*H149CM
Packing size : L145*W72*H64 CM

:58 KG/75 KG

material : stainless steel


Optional accessories:
hand-held shower, washing with shelves, blowing machine tube interface.

New upgrade:

1, the bottom of the bath with a waterproof skateboard, to prevent slipping and so on.

2, bath at the bottom with a stainless steel frame, can be waterproof skateboards to facilitate cleaning.

3, bath with three side panels, can effectively prevent the of water spilled when working


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